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Our Vision

ACT Ice Sports Federation is an incorporated sporting organisation committed to promoting, advancing and supporting ice sports in the nation's capital. Its vision is to establish Canberra as Australia’s ice sports capital.

Ice sports cooperation

The ACT Ice Sports Federation was established as an incorporated umbrella organisation representing Canberra's existing ice sports associations – ACT figure skating, broomball and ice hockey – in recognition of, and to support their shared desire for a new, modern ice sports facility in the nation's capital.

Beneficial partnership

ACTISF is excited by the ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr’s 2016 commitment to work in partnership with the federation towards achieving a facility of national and international standing. The proponents of the development are joint partners Pelligra Holdings and Cruachan Investments, committted to constructing and operating a twin-sheet facility including curling sheets and rock climbing.

The Vision

The federation strongly supports the establishment of a national ice sports centre in the ACT: a modern complex boasting two (Olympic sized 60m x 30m) ice sheets, with the main rink to include plexi-glass and with capacity for at least 3000 spectators. The second rink would have limited seating and standing room, and protective netting.


The centre would have all of the mod cons expected of a facility to enable Canberra to host national championships and international tournaments.

Our Goal

Our goal is the construction of a new facility with two sheets of ice to benefit Canberra’s talented young athletes as well as all Australian ice sports; to cater for ice sports growth in Canberra and the surrounding southern New South Wales region; and to attract visitors to the Australian Capital Territory .


When the new centre is operational, ACTISF has  plans to advance ice sports, including new activities such as curling and speed skating/ice racing, as well as para hockey/skating. ACTISF will also support the creation of school programs involved in coaching and teaching the ice sports, as well as hosting major national and international events.

Attracting major events

There are three simple objectives: to establish a national ice sports centre in the ACT; to promote, encourage and support participation (including by women, youth, children and people with disability) in ice sports and recreational ice skating; and to attract national and international ice sports events to the ACT.

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